Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring Commercial Cleaning Services

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Your workspace is a reflection of your personality. Therefore, maintaining a spick and span environment is crucial to portray class and efficiency. 

However, commercial cleaning can be a time-consuming process, so if you have a busy schedule, enlisting the services of a cleaning company is a great solution. 

Although, keep in mind that sanitizing, and disinfecting requires skill and professionalism. It means taking on a company without doing due diligence can have a catastrophic effect on your business.

So, to help you avoid some basic errors that could prove to be costly, Impact Facility Solutions has put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring commercial cleaning services.

1. Hiring the lowest bidder
Remember, the cheapest vendor is not the best option, as commercial cleaning companies that do a good job don’t cut corners to undercut their competitors.

Top products, fair wages, hi-tech technology, regular training, updated licensing, and insurance coverage are crucial to running a professional operation and all come at a price. So check online reviews and steer clear of low quality services.

2. Signing an annual auto-renewing contract
There’s no reason why customers should be stuck with the same cleaning company if they are experiencing poor service. If you’re signing a contract, it is advisable to read all the terms and conditions of the contract thoroughly. 

Make sure you understand all the terms of the contract. In addition, draft the agreement in a way that you list down all your requirements and expected levels of excellence, as the cleaning contracts should be performance-based.

3. Hiring an ill-prepared company
A prepared company will do a walkthrough of a potential client’s building that has requested a proposal for services. When a proposal is submitted and accepted, it is important that the crew does a 2nd walkthrough to understand the space well. 

During this walkthrough, it is common that the crew will be walking with someone different from the initial assessment. It ensures that the cleaning crew gets additional info that may have been missed in the agreement or scope of work. So make sure this happens.

4. Poor communication or unresponsive cleaning services
Choosing a company that does not communicate well before or after the completion of the cleaning project is a recipe for disaster. While many customers don’t expect to hear from their cleaning company, a reputable one will do frequent inspections and stay in contact to ensure tasks are being executed correctly and the client is totally satisfied with the service.

To avoid these and other mistakes when hiring a commercial cleaning service, reach out to Impact Facility Solutions. We’re a professional facility cleaning company in Chattanooga, TN offering commercial, and industrial solutions. We understand that your office is usually one of the first impressions your customers have of your company and your team. Therefore, we focus on helping you make an impact in your headquarters by providing a wide array of janitorial services as often as you need.

Our services include COVID-19 electrostatic disinfection, ceiling cleaning and restoration, floor maintenance, landscaping, window cleaning, pressure washing, parking lot sealing, and striping. We serve clients across Chattanooga, Dunlap, Soddy Daisy, Dalton, Cleveland, Jasper, South Pittsburg, Trenton, Lafayette, and the surrounding areas. 

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