How This New Cleaning Trend Could Benefit You

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During the pandemic, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was quick to establish a list of “approved” chemicals for tackling COVID-19, including electrostatic disinfection. This contactless cleaning method prevents exposure to viruses and contaminants by effectively disinfecting large areas. It also protects cleaners and workers of the respective facility from exposure to pathogens, viruses, and other undesirable germs.

However, at the beginning of the pandemic, proper equipment was in short supply while the demand was high. Therefore, many unscrupulous companies used alternative methods, including commercial backpack weed sprayers, and passed them off as electrostatic cleaning.

Also, many cleaning enterprises that used EPA-approved disinfectants took advantage of the adverse situation by price gouging. By choosing to over-charge, these firms were exploiting the vulnerability of society. Unfortunately, these tactics are still in use today, so it’s essential to check the credibility of cleaning businesses before moving forward.

At Impact Facility Solutions, LLC, our customers have trusted us from day one as we utilize proper equipment (even before the pandemic arrived). We also educate clients about the process and charge a fair price, which creates peace of mind.

As a result, many of our customers have integrated electrostatic disinfection into their regular cleaning routine. It’s a good sign as we believe electrostatic disinfection is here to stay and will become an “expected” rather than an “additional” service sooner rather than later.

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